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Dirty chat zone

I remember the pilot saying, `Hold on, I’m taking her down,’ said Fishman. Terrifying as it must have been, Fishman’s experience was soon alleviated by the sort of humor combat veterans deem necessary. Army Captain Doctor Eugene Fishman had been in Vietnam only two months when the Bell UH-1 he was flying in down Highway 1 (‘friendly territory) from Nha Trang to Cam Ranh Bay took a round in its rotor, forcing the pilot to autorotate the Huey to the ground. Thanks to the pilot, they landed safely and were evacuated out on another chopper.

Before ‘Nam, I had been offered a fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in hematology/oncology.

It wasn’t altogether altruistic, Fishman now concedes.

We wanted to provide American personnel with a safe-as-could-be environment.

Perhaps the most difficult pill Fishman himself had to swallow before his tour of duty was up in July 1967 was something that occurred one day after he heard a gunshot in the distance.

A Korean artillery unit was stationed on the western perimeter of the base.

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When a GI came in with a case of VD, he would be asked who his sexual contact had been.

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